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Chatting to a couple of clients recently, we realised that they were unaware of the services we’ve been offering for years.  If you are looking at upgrading or renewing your phone system, please do contact us with your requirements and do feel free to put any quotes past us for comment.  Both clients in question were existing customers of a very large telecoms supplier and so naturally, when said large telecoms supplier contacted them offering a new and cheaper phone system, they were only too happy to listen.  Unfortunately, what they have both been sold is at least £100 per month more expensive than we could have provided on an equivalent platform with more features and identical telephone handsets.  What’s more, large telecoms suppliers routinely tie their customers into watertight five year agreement and so unfortunately, both clients will now be at least £6000 worse off over their contract period and will undoubtedly never speak to someone that knows their setup or business should any problems arise.
For comparison, please see the table below based upon a single business phone number and
seven Yealink VoIP telephones.
Product Large Telecoms Supplier Outsourced IT
VoIP Line Rental (single number) £27.00 Included (three numbers)
Call Package £43.40 Included
(2000 landline minutes + 1000 mobile)
Cloud phone system £131.00 £108.00
Telephone hardware lease £48.19 £35.54
Total monthly costs £249.59 £143.54
CAT6 Network Point (each)
£166.75 £80.00
Total one-off costs based on 7 network points - IF REQUIRED £1167.25 £560
What’s included with your phone system from Outsourced IT?