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Save Money By Upgrading Your IT
If your business IT systems are out of date, not running effectively or not protected properly, you could well be spending unnecessary time and money.
We were recently able to help a new client who was in this very predicament. Their ancient setup (server 2003 and windows XP) was hit by an encryption virus just a week ago which left the company vulnerable, without working computers, and at risk of losing all of their data. Luckily after speaking with them we were able to tailor a solution that was going to work best for them, and get them back up and running as soon as possible. We instantly got to work configuring 10 new computers and a server for them, whilst getting these set up we also managed to recover all of their data (65Gb) from a backup, reinstall their network versions of Sage and a CCTV specific application called Cash4W, which meant that when they next walked in to the office everything was set up and ready to go!
Following on from this we're installing a phone system next week and have 17 phones on the bench at present being configured.

This setup will save this particular customer about £6k a year over their existing setup and about £3k a year over an equivalent setup from BT.

Safe to say the customer is very happy indeed and thrilled about their new set-up and the money they're saving. Their Financial Director sent over this lovely feedback 'thank you for your wonderful service over the last few weeks and for the hassle free takeover – this weekend and yesterday. It's made my life a lot easier!'

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